Iowa CRNA Schools

Iowa is located in the heart of the Midwestern region of the United States. It is a state known for its rolling fields, agricultural life, and friendly people. While it does have a lot of rural areas and small communities, the state of Iowa also has several densely populated urban areas. It is a nice state to live in whether you are interested in the small town way of life or prefer a bigger city. If you reside in Iowa and you have thought about becoming a CRNA, Iowa has one school currently offering a CRNA program, The University of Iowa College of Nursing located in Iowa City.

This page will provide detailed information regarding  CRNA schools in Iowa. If you would like to know more about becoming a CRNA, what the schooling for becoming a CRNA is like, and what types of employment you may find as a CRNA in Iowa than this is a great page for you to read further.

CRNA Education in Iowa

Every CRNA school or program will have an individual set of prerequisites and requirements for admission. Some of the requirements that seem to be similar among most CRNA programs include having a bachelor’s of science or advanced degree in nursing, one to two years of critical care experience, and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

Again, each CRNA program has individual requirements so it is important to research carefully before applying. For example, The University of Iowa College of Nursing Anesthesia Nursing Program also requires an applicant to submit a statement of purpose, resume, and contact information for three recommenders who will be asked to complete a recommendation form. They also require completion of an upper-level course in statistics before the start of the program. These are just several examples of some of the types of individual requirements that it is good to be aware of for the specific school you are applying to.

Once applicants have completed and submitted their applications to the CRNA school or schools of their choice, they may then be asked to visit the campus to complete an in-person interview process. CRNA schools often have many applicants and are not able to offer a spot to every candidate who applies. Because of this, many nurse anesthesia program administrators and professors find it helpful to meet the potential students in person. An in-person interview can help the candidate better express their individual qualifications and experiences as well as give them an opportunity to explain in more detail what sets them apart from the other candidates. The in-person interview is often a good time for administrators to assess whether or not a potential student shows the necessary drive and self-motivation which is often required to successfully complete a rigorous CRNA program of study.

The application and interview process for CRNA programs can vary widely depending on the particular program. The above information provides a general overview of what the applicant to CRNA school may encounter during the application process. Each school’s application process is tailored to its specific needs and therefore the application process can and will change between schools.

Employment as a CRNA in Iowa

Upon completion of CRNA schooling and passing the Nation Certification Examination, you are able to start searching for employment as a CRNA in Iowa. There are many different locations in Iowa where CRNAs can practice. According to the Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists (IANA), CRNAs are the sole providers of anesthesia services in 88 of Iowa’s 117 community hospitals. This means that CRNAs are the only healthcare professionals who are available to administer anesthesia in 75% of all community hospitals in Iowa. In addition, IANA reports that Iowa CRNAs are the sole providers in “nearly 100%” of Iowa’s rural hospitals. For people located near these hospitals CRNAs provide vital care when it is needed most. Every minute that is spent getting to a hospital during an emergency is an important minute. When a person cannot go to a nearby hospital because they need anesthetics that are not available there, it could cost them precious time in an emergency situation. Having a CRNA employed at a rural hospital who is able to provide safe and effective anesthesia is very important in the state of Iowa.

CRNAs are also employed in Iowa in major hospitals and medical centers located in Iowa’s metropolitan areas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated the annual mean range of nurse anesthetists in Iowa in May of 2020 by combining salary data for CRNAs working in many different locations statewide. The range for salaries in Iowa was $159,250-$168,150, which is similar to the range calculated for Minnesota, South Dakota, and Texas.

CRNA Schools in Iowa

The University of Iowa College of Nursing Anesthesia Nursing Program
200 Hawkins Drive C607-GH
UIHC, Department of Anesthesia
Iowa City, IA 52242

  • Degree Type Offered: Doctor of Nursing Practice (Entry Level)
  • Average Program Duration: 36 months
  • Start Month: May
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 7

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