Arkansas CRNA Schools and Training

Arkansas is located in the south, home to natural scenic beauty, a temperate climate, and a lot of historical charm. It has several large urban population centers, but much of the state is also still quite rural. If you have ever considered becoming a CRNA and you live in or near Arkansas, attending a CRNA program located in the state of Arkansas could be an option for you.

Beginning the journey towards a certification as a Registered Nurse Anesthetist can be intimidating. The process to get a CRNA license involves a commitment of your time, energy, and finances. Researching potential schooling options located in your area is a great way to begin to understand the process and decide whether a career as a CRNA may be in your future. The below sections of this article contain helpful information about  CRNAs in Arkansas and include specific details about what types of things you may need before you can apply to CRNA school, what your future as a CRNA in Arkansas might look like, and what a potential salary as a CRNA in Arkansas may be.

Becoming a CRNA in Arkansas

If you are considering becoming a CRNA and would prefer to attend a school in Arkansas, there are several important things to know. In order to apply for admission to a CRNA program, you will generally be expected to have: a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, an active license as an RN, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above, and experience as an RN at the critical care level. These are just some of the general requirements it is important to be aware of. Specific CRNA schools and programs in Arkansas may have guidelines and requirements that are similar to these or that go beyond them.

Once you successfully complete and graduate from a CRNA school, you will become eligible to take the NCE (national certification exam). Passing the National Certification Exam will allow you to begin to practice as an official CRNA.

Jobs for a CRNA in Arkansas

CRNAs have a variety of different job duties. The types of tasks that a CRNA does on a daily basis will be different depending on the type of facility he or she works in and the types of patients and procedures that the facility specializes in. Some typical job duties of a CRNA in Arkansas could include performing pre-operative patient assessment, preparing a patient for anesthesia, ensuring proper pain management and sedation, and overseeing a patient’s recovery process after the anesthesia. CRNAs occasionally also perform administrative duties within anesthesia departments. These are very important tasks and it is crucial that they be performed with quality and care. Obtaining certification as a CRNA in Arkansas will help give you the skills necessary to perform these tasks.

As a CRNA in Arkansas, you may also be interested in joining or using the resources provided by the Arkansas Association of Nurse Anesthetists (ARANA). The ARANA states that part of their mission is to “protect and defend the profession for CRNAs and advance the knowledge and skills of CRNAs”.

Working as a CRNA in Arkansas can be a rewarding and challenging career. Many CRNA positions will require the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, strong critical thinking skills, and the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively.

CRNA Salaries in Arkansas

If you are looking into a position as a CRNA in Arkansas, it may be useful to know the general statistics about CRNA salaries in Arkansas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the mean salary for CRNAs practicing in Arkansas as of January 2024 was $145,020-$158,840. This range makes Arkansas on par for CRNA salary with other states in the region including Mississippi, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

CRNA Schools in Arkansas

Arkansas State University College of Nursing and Health Professions School of Nursing

PO Box 910
State University, AR 72467

  • Degree Offered: Master of Science in Nursing (Entry-Level)
  • Average Program Length: 28 months
  • Start Month: January
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 25

Texas Wesleyan University- Distance Program (This program is based in Arkansas but requires some time on-campus in Fort Worth, Texas. The locations in Arkansas are Little Rock and Jonesboro.)

Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia Building
1201 Wesleyan Street
Fort Worth, TX 76105