CRNA Schools in Arizona

Looking for CRNA schools in the state of Arizona, or “The Grand Canyon State”, is generally known for its dry desert heat and welcoming atmosphere for vacationers, snowbirds, and retirees. Arizona also offers many options for the outdoor adventure lover including national and state parks, camping, hiking, and even skiing and snow sports. If you live in Arizona or would like to attend a CRNA school in Arizona; a versatile, warm, and sunny climate, you have several choices available to you in the state of Arizona.

Below you will find some helpful information about the general job duties of a CRNA, what it might look like to be a CRNA in Arizona, how much money a CRNA in Arizona might make, and a list of CRNA Schools which offer CRNA programs in the state of Arizona.

What do CRNAs do?

As a CRNA in Arizona, you will have a wide variety of duties. In general, CRNAs can care for patients throughout the entire surgical procedure. They prepare patients for surgery by determining the correct type of anesthesia through an analysis of the patient’s medical history and background. They then administer and maintain the proper anesthetics throughout the procedure. Finally, they help assure that the patient recovers from surgery comfortably and they oversee any pain management therapies that may be necessary post-surgery. CRNAs can work in many different types of facilities. The largest percentage of CRNAs work in urban settings, but many works in rural areas as well.

CRNA Jobs in Arizona

CRNAs play a very important role in the health care system in Arizona. According to the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AZANA), as of July 2016, there were 714 licensed CRNAs practicing in Arizona. In order to practice in Arizona you will likely be required to have or obtain current Arizona licensure as a registered nurse and also certification as a CRNA. CRNAs in Arizona provide anesthesia services to all different demographics in many different geographic locations. In some places in Arizona, CRNAs may work more frequently with elderly patients. The cities of Lake Havasu City, Prescott, and Scottsdale in Arizona have all been labeled as among the cities in America with the highest populations of elderly residents. While a CRNA in Arizona would be able to care for patients of all ages, depending on the location in which they work, they could become more specialized in caring for elderly patients based solely on the demographics of the state.

The Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists advocates within the government of the state of Arizona and on the federal level to ensure that legislators are well-informed about the role and value of CRNAs when they make healthcare policy. Part of the work of the AZANA also involves ensuring that lawmakers know who CRNAs are and what types of services they offer. If you go to school in Arizona and find employment there as a CRNA, you may be able to get involved with the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists and help further their mission to show that CRNAs are highly trained specialists with high levels of safety and performance quality.

CRNA Salary in Arizona

As with any job, the average salary for a CRNA varies by location, experience level, specific job requirements, and supply versus demand. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the annual mean wage for CRNAs in Arizona was $139,500 in May of 2020. The BLS report included 4 different wage ranges for CRNAs throughout the country and the wage for Arizona CRNAs fell into the category with the highest range of mean wages. CRNAs are needed in Arizona to provide safe and effective anesthesia care to all residents, and may also provide essential services to the higher-than-average amount of elderly residents.

Listing of CRNA Schools in Arizona

Midwestern University Nurse Anesthesia Program
19555 North 59th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308

  • Degree Offered: Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (Entry-Level)
  • Average Program Duration: 27 months
  • Start month: June
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 26

The University of Arizona College of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program
1305 N. Martin Avenue | PO Box 210203
Tucson, AZ 85721

  • Degree Offered: Doctor of Nursing Practice (Entry-Level)
  • Average Program Duration: 36 months
  • Some courses offered via distance education: Yes

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