Hawaii CRNAs

Hawaii is known around the world as a beautiful vacation destination, popular with tourists of all ages. Hawaii’s natural beauty, tropical climate, and relaxed atmosphere make it a very welcoming place to visit and to live. If you live in Hawaii and are interested in pursuing a career as a CRNA you will have to travel out-of-state in order to obtain your degree as there are not currently any civilian* CRNA schools in Hawaii or CRNA programs in Hawaii; however, once you obtain your degree, you may consider working CRNA jobs in Hawaii.

*According to the Hawaiian Association of Nurse Anesthetists, The Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu is a clinical site for students enrolled in the U.S. Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing which requires 12 initial months of schooling in Texas and the remainder of the clinical time is then spent on Hawaii.

CRNA Jobs in Hawaii

CRNAs practicing in Hawaii provide essential services to Hawaii’s residents. They are responsible for managing all aspects of anesthesia, from the beginning of a surgery to the end. In fact, CRNAs also often spend time with their patients pre-operatively as well as post-operatively. In a pre-operative setting, a CRNA will likely conduct an interview with the patient to find out which type of anesthesia will be the best and most safe choice. This decision can vary depending on the patient’s age and whether or not they have any special conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, or other hereditary disorders. Once the patient’s procedure is over, the anesthetics will not completely leave his or her system for 24 hours. Because of that, a CRNA is usually on-hand post-operatively as well to make sure that the patient recovers in a safe manner and that the anesthetics do not leave any unwanted or lingering ill-effects.

As seen by the job description above, CRNAs provide a very important service when it comes to ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical procedures. The residents of the state of Hawaii often count on CRNAs to take care of their anesthesia and pain management needs. Working as a CRNA in Hawaii will allow you to use your professional expertise to take care of patients going through sometimes challenging medical issues, and will give you the opportunity to use the knowledge you have gained to help others.

In an employment search released by the ZipRecruiter.com in June of 2021, an average salary for a CRNA in Hawaii was $209,171 a year.

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