CRNAs in Idaho

While there are not currently any CRNA schools in Idaho, if you are interested in being a CRNA in Idaho, this should not discourage you from pursuing your goal. Several states in the surrounding area including Oregon, Washington, and Utah all have CRNA schools and programs to choose from. If you decided to go to a different state to obtain your CRNA degree, you may be interested in moving back to Idaho once you are a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in order to find employment there.

Idaho CRNA Certification

It is important to keep in mind individual states and even individual medical facilities may have specific experiential or education requirements necessary to practice as a CRNA. In general, however, there are two tasks that must be completed before a person is able to practice as a CRNA in any state. The first is obtaining a degree from a CRNA school or program. The second is taking and passing the National Certification Examination (NCE). The NCE is administered to all potential CRNAs by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA). Below is a list of the requirements for taking the NCE as listed by the NBCRNA.

  • Submission of  application with application fee($725 fee)
  • Submission of a record of course and clinical experience from a CRNA program
  • A current RN license with no restrictions
  • A digital photo (color)
  • Certification that RN license has never been revoked, restricted, or suspended
  • Certification that applicant does not have a condition that could interfere with anesthesia administration (including a drug or alcohol addiction).

Once an application is submitted and eligibility is confirmed, the student can then take the NCE. Completing and passing this examination is the culmination of CRNA schooling.

CRNA Annual Wage Range in Idaho

Completing CRNA school and passing the National Certification Examination, while a great feat, is just the first step towards being a practicing CRNA. Once you have your degree and are certified, you will then need to begin your job hunt. While the potential future salary may not be the only thing that you consider when looking for a job, it is certainly something that you will take into consideration. Finding a job as a CRNA in Idaho could provide you with a good salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the annual mean wage in Idaho as $168,230 in January of 2024. The average range is $168,230-$221,240. This puts Idaho among the highest paying states in the nation for CRNAs along with states such as Wyoming, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.