CRNA Schooling Options in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state with a fun atmosphere and friendly southern charm. It has a usually warm climate as it is located in the heart of the south. If you are a resident of Louisiana and have thought or are thinking about becoming a CRNA, Louisiana has several options to offer for CRNA education. Louisiana State University School of Nursing located in New Orleans and Our Lady of the Lake College located in Baton Rouge both offer CRNA programs. In addition, Texas Wesleyan University offers distance-learning CRNA programs with locations in Alexandria and Shreveport.

While you may be aware that there are many CRNA schools in Louisiana, you may have additional questions about being a Louisiana CRNA. This page will describe some of the basics of being a CRNA such as what tasks and duties they may perform as well as what types of facilities they work in. It will also include specific information on the above mentioned CRNA programs including information about potential earnings of CRNAs in Louisiana.

CRNA Jobs in Louisiana

A CRNA in Louisiana is an advanced practice nurse who is registered by the Louisiana Board of Nursing and has certification granted by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. In order to work as a CRNA in Louisiana, one must have a current Louisiana license as an RN, graduate from an approved educational program, successfully complete the National Certification Examination, and comply with all continuing education requirements for re-certification (per the Louisiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists).

CRNAs can practice in many different facilities and locations. They are often employed in metropolitan areas in medical centers or hospitals. As a CRNA in a busy urban medical center, you may be part of a team of CRNAs or an anesthesiology department. CRNAs in this type of work environment would need to work collaboratively and sometimes under an anesthesiologist when providing anesthesia care. CRNAs are also often employed in rural hospitals and clinics. In fact, CNRAs are the sole anesthesia providers in a large percentage of rural hospitals. According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, without CRNA services, many rural hospitals would not be able to offer surgical, obstetrical, trauma stabilization, diagnostic, and pain management procedures. CRNAs working in a rural environment would likely be working without the supervision of an anesthesiologist and without a team of other CRNAs.

While the job environments of different CRNAs in Louisiana may vary quite a bit between rural and urban locations, the general job requirements likely remain very similar. CRNAs are called upon to provide anesthesia to alleviate pain during nearly any type of medical procedure. CRNAs provide care nt only during the actual surgery or procedure, but also before and after an anesthetic is administered. A nurse anesthetist will stay with a patient throughout the entire procedure in order to monitor body function and maintain safe and adequate anesthesia, and will also provide recovery care to ensure that the effects of the anesthetics wear off safely. CRNAs have very important job duties and provide critical services to their patients regardless of where they work.

CRNA Pay in Louisiana

The Bureau of Labor Statistics January 2024 report shows that CRNAs in Louisiana earn an average of $144,980 per year. The average range of CRNA salaries in Louisiana is between $140,000 and $144,980. Other states with similar ranges for CRNA salary include Nebraska, Kansas, and Kentucky.

Listing of CRNA Schools and Programs Located in Louisiana

LSUHSC School of Nursing Nurse Anesthetist Program
1900 Gravier Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

  • Degree Type Offered: Doctor of Nursing Practice (Entry Level)
  • Program Length: 36 months
  • Start Month: January
  • Clinical Sites: 37 (Located in Louisiana and Mississippi)

Our Lady of the Lake College Doctor of Nursing Practice- Nurse Anesthesia Program
5414 Brittany Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

  • Degree Type Offered: Doctor of Nursing Practice and Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia
  • Program Length:36 months (DNP) and 28 months (MSN)
  • Start Month: January (DNP) and August (MSN)

Texas Wesleyan University- Distance Program (This program is based in Louisiana but requires the student to spend a limited amount of time on-campus in Fort Worth, Texas. The locations in Louisiana are Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital in Alexandria and LSU Medical Center in Shreveport)
Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia Building
1201 Wesleyan Street
Fort Worth, TX 76105