CRNA Programs in Michigan

If you currently work as a Registered Nurse in Michigan and have contemplated earning your CRNA license, then this article is a great place for you to begin researching. It will give you information on being a CRNA and on the CRNA education options available to you in Michigan. It will also give you a more detailed look at CRNAs working in Michigan by examining some statistics and facts about CRNAs.

There are five schools located in Michigan which offer various types of CRNA degree programs. These schools are located in East Lansing, Royal Oak, Flint, and Detroit. You can find more specific information on each of these schools below in the section entitled “Schools in Michigan Offering CRNA Programs.”

Steps to Becoming a CRNA

Beneath is a basic outline of the typical steps that are taken to become a CRNA:

  • Earn a B.S. Degree (most schools prefer that this degree be in nursing)
  • Maintain a current RN license in Michigan
  • Gain one year plus experience in an acute care facility
  • Graduate from a CRNA program
  • Pass the National Certification Examination

This list is just an overview and, depending on where you live and apply to school, there may be additional steps required.

CRNA Jobs in Michigan

The Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA) represents over 2,300 CRNAs and CRNA students who are currently working or attending school in the state of Michigan. MANA reports that there are nearly 3,000 CRNAs total practicing across the state and 200 registered nurse students enrolled in nurse anesthesia programs. CRNAs in Michigan can work in very diverse locations. When you are thinking about CRNAs, you may often picture them working in large bustling hospitals located in populous cities. While some CRNAs certainly do work in that type of location, many CRNAs also work in small rural clinics and hospitals. Among all nonmetropolitan areas, the northwest lower peninsula of Michigan is home to the third largest concentration of CRNA jobs in the US (Bureau of Labor Statistics). According to the MANA, over two-thirds of Michigan’s rural areas rely solely on CRNAs to provide anesthesia care. CRNA services are very important to residents of those areas as they provide access to critical healthcare services.

CRNAs in Michigan also work in large numbers in urban locations. The Bureau of Labor statistics reports that Flint Michigan and Ann Arbor Michigan are home to the eighth and ninth highest concentrations of CRNA jobs out of metropolitan areas in the US (respectively). Whether you work in a rural setting or an urban setting, if you become a CRNA and work in the state of Michigan, you will be joining a large and established community of CRNA professionals located throughout the state.

The salary of a CRNA in Michigan will vary widely depending on where the CRNA practices and which type of medical facility he or she works in. In an employment report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in January of 2024, an average salary for a CRNA in Michigan was $182,000. This average is similar to the averages reported in Arizona, South Dakota, Washington, and Idaho.

Schools in Michigan Offering CRNA Programs

Below you will find a listing of the 5 CRNA schools in Michigan which offer CRNA programs as well as some individual details about what each school may offer.

Michigan State University Nurse Anesthesia Program
1355 Bouge Street, A-119 Life Science Building
East Lansing, MI 48824

  • Degree Offered: Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (Entry Level)
  • Average Program Duration: 28 months
  • Start Month: January
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 6

Oakland University Beaumont Graduate Program of Nurse Anesthesia
3601 West 13 Mile Toad
Royal Oak, MI 48073

  • Degrees Offered: Master of Science in Nursing (Entry Level) and Post Master’s Certificate
  • Average Program Duration: 28 months
  • Start Month: September
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 28

The University of Michigan Flint Hurley Medical Center- Master of Science in Anesthesia Program
One Hurley Plaza – Dutcher Center
Flint, MI 48502

  • Degrees Offered: Doctor of Anesthesia Practice (Completion) and Master of Science (Entry Level)
  • Average Program Duration: 24 months (MSN), DNP duration unknown
  • Start Month: August (MSN), DNP unknown
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 19 (MSN), DNP unknown

University of Detroit Mercy Graduate Program of Nurse Anesthesiology
4001 West McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221

  • Degree Offered: Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (Entry Level)
  • Average Program Duration: 27 months
  • Start Month: August
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 22

Wayne Stack University Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
259 Mack Avenue
Suite 1600
Detroit, MI 48201

  • Degree Offered: Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (Entry Level)
  • Average Program Duration: 24 months
  • Start Month: August
  • Number of Clinical Sites: 19