CRNAs Working in New Mexico

New Mexico is a classic southwestern state full of interesting history and culture and known for its temperate climate. If you are a registered nurse in New Mexico and have considered advancing your career by becoming a CRNA, this article is a good place to begin. While there are currently no schools offering CRNA training directly in New Mexico, several neighboring states have options for CRNA training. There are five CRNA colleges located in Texas, one located in Arizona, and one located in Utah.

Most CRNA programs expect their students to attend full-time which will likely require that the student lives near campus in order to successfully complete the program. Living out-of-state to complete a CRNA education program may seem like a hassle, but it could be a great opportunity to experience a different part of the United States. After completing your education, you could return to New Mexico in order to try to find employment as a CRNA

Statistics about CRNAs in New Mexico

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics Report released in May of 2020, the annual mean wage for CRNAs in New Mexico ranged between $54,670 and $144,980. The annual average wage worked out to $120,640. The wage range for CRNAs in New Mexico is similar to that of CRNAs in Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, and Montana.

A RAND corporation health research report released in 2016 showed that, while there was a surplus of anesthesiologists practicing in New Mexico, there was a shortage of CRNAs working there. They predicted that the shortage of CRNAs in the south may last for several years. The authors of the RAND report suggested that the labor market for anesthesia services varied widely across different regions and states and that the numbers of practicing CRNAs and anesthesiologists could vary widely as well. In a separate report several years later, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that New Mexico was home to 50 practicing CRNAs- still less than neighboring states such as Arizona which had 250 or Colorado which had 110.

CRNAs working in New Mexico provide crucial anesthesia services to residents all around the state. From large metropolitan medical centers to small rural community hospitals, CRNAs work to provide safe and reliable anesthetic care. CRNAs work together with physicians and surgeons to make it possible for all types of patients to undergo important surgeries and diagnostic procedures safely and comfortably.

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