CRNA Life in Vermont

Vermont is a small state nestled in the heart of New England and is known for its historical charm and natural beauty. If you reside in Vermont and are interested in becoming a CRNA, this page will give you a brief outline about what is required to become a CRNA as well as information on CRNAs in Vermont.

How to Become a CRNA

According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, in order to work as a CRNA there are several requirements and steps which you must follow. The following list is a brief summary of the steps required in order to become a CRNA.

  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field
  • Obtain a license as a registered nurse
  • Work for one to two years in a critical or acute care unit
  • Complete a nurse anesthesia educational program
  • Successfully complete the National Certification Examination

Unfortunately there are currently no CRNA schools in Vermont, so, if you live in Vermont and would like to become a CRNA, you will need to complete your schooling portion out of state. There are several states near Vermont which have schools that offer nurse anesthesia educational programs including New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Most CRNA programs last for several years and require that a student attend on campus full time, so, if you move out of state for CRNA school you will likely do so for a couple of years. While that may not be ideal if you live in Vermont, you can always move back to Vermont to look for a job once you are a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

CRNAs in Vermont

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released occupation employment statistics in 2024 for Nurse Anesthetists. According to those statistics, CRNAs who worked in Vermont made an average annual salary which ranged between $145,020 and $158,840. This is similar to the range made by CRNAs in many other states including Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and Oregon.

CRNAs can work in many different medical facilities to provide anesthesia care to all types of patients. A CRNA in Vermont could work in a large metropolitan medical center, or they could work at a small rural hospital. They could work as part of an anesthesia care team or alone as an independent contractor. A career as a CRNA will look different for each individual depending on where they choose to practice.