Wyoming CRNAs

Wyoming is a beautiful western state known for its natural wonders and wide open spaces. If you live in Wyoming and are interested in becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist, this page will provide you with some helpful information.

The first step towards working as a CRNA is attending a CRNA school or program. Unfortunately, the state of Wyoming does not currently have any schools with CRNA programs. Wyoming’s lack of CRNA schools does not have to stop you from pursuing this career. Nearby states including South Dakota, Nebraska, and Utah all have one of more CRNA schools. Of course, in order to attend one of these schools you would likely need to relocate for several years while you complete the program of study, but upon completion of your schooling, you would have the option of returning to work as a CRNA in Wyoming if that is what you desire.

CRNAs- The Basics

CRNAs are advanced practice nurses who are highly trained and specialized in the field of anesthesia. In order to work as a CRNA, one must graduate from a CRNA program with a Masters or Doctoral degree and then pass the National Certification Examination. CRNAs can practice as part of an anesthesia team and under the direct supervision of an anesthesiologist, but they can also practice independently. Oftentimes CRNAs are the only providers of anesthesia services for rural hospitals and medical facilities, making them very important for underserved areas of the country where anesthesia would otherwise be unavailable. According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, anesthesia care is equally safe whether it is administered by a CRNA or an anesthesiologist. CRNAs also offer more cost effective care than anesthesiologists as they cost less to train and employ than anesthesiologists, but provide the same level of safe and effective anesthesia care.

CRNAs in Wyoming

The salary of a CRNA can vary dramatically based upon geographic location, level of experience and type of facility. CRNAs in Wyoming practice in all different types of facilities and geographic locations, so it is difficult to predict or guarantee any particular salary. There are, however, some statistics about average CRNA salaries provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics which put the salary of CRNAs in Wyoming in a favorable light. According to the BLS, in 2024 the average annual salary of a CRNA working in Wyoming was $192,500. This makes Wyoming the fifth highest in the nation for CRNA salaries with states such as Connecticut and Delaware offering similar average wages. Wyoming can be a great place to make a living as a CRNA.